The Problem
Computer waste poses two core problems: the volume of computers and related electronic equipment improperly disposed of in municipal landfills, and the toxicity of the computer and CRT itself as a waste product.

The Solution
Recycle through E-Recycler.com  We will handle your E-Waste in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.



Your E-Waste solution

    We are one of the most experienced electronics recyclers in California.

We have been recycling electronics since 2000 and have grown to be one of the most respected in the state. Don't risk your reputation.

E-Recycler.com provides Certified E-Waste Recycling Services and Certified Data Destruction. 

E-Recycler.com was formed to provide businesses and consumers with technology disposal and recycling services using proper, environmentally safe procedures. We have grown to offer computer pickup and disposal services throughout the nation. 

E-Recycler.com pioneered "Responsible Technology" to correctly handle obsolete computers and monitors-- without sending them to landfills.  We’re working to keep 100% of E-Waste out of landfills.

E-Recycler.com handles all Electronic Waste in accordance with State and Federal Government Regulations and is a California State registered CRT Recycler.

For further information, or to schedule the pickup of your Electronic Waste, call us at 
or email us at

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